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for the Home Healthcare Industry

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  • Strategic Exit Planning
  • Valuations
  • Financial Management

Change Happens.

You’ve built, invested and sacrificed.

Now it’s time to sell.

Where do you turn?

Duckridge Advisors.

Your most important investment decision deserves care and diligence.

At Duckridge Advisors, we are the advocate in your corner: a seasoned M&A team guiding you through the steps necessary to maximize the return on the sale of your business.

We treat every client with integrity, thoughtfulness and a commitment to achieving your goals and requirements.

We specialize in the Home Medical Industry, designing unique and targeted strategies for each client. No matter how small or complex the deal, Duckridge Advisors offers comprehensive M&A services tailored to your specific needs.

Why Duckridge?

  • Maximize RETURNS
  • SEAMLESS Process
  • Three decades of M&A experience
  • HME Focus

Duckridge Advisors.
Get the Maximum Return for Your Business.

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